AP Lang & Comp



Monday: Go over new writing rubric, reteach analysis. Youtube: https://youtu.be/9s0LqAdqkV0 and https://youtu.be/3bgL8y3xHYo

Homework: Read Outside reading book

Tuesday: Entry Task: Annotate “Thinking Out Loud”, watch “Thinking Out Loud” https://youtu.be/lp-EO5I60KA, and then the Rhetorical Analysis of “Thinking Out Loud.” https://youtu.be/AWEAqjzJrio

Homework: Read Outside reading book

Wednesday: Entry Task: Language Practice, Annotation: How does it help us Analyze?

Homework: Read Outside Reading

Thursday: Annotation Practice: Dave Berry out of 50 Essays

Homework: Read Outside Reading

Friday: Film Friday, Movie Trailers/Commericals


Week 4, 28-2:

Monday: Analyze Visual Text Practice (Students Bring Visual)

Homework: Read Chapter 2 pages 39-44 (stop at Talking with the Text), doing the activity on page 43

Tuesday: Analyze Visual Text Practice (Students Bring Visual)

Homework: Read Chapter 2 pages 44-48 (stop at Annotating), doing the activity on page 47

Wednesday: Analyze Visual Text Practice (Students Bring Visual)

Homework: Read from 48-54 (stop at From Close Reading…)

Thursday: Finish Chapter 2

Homework: Annotate Christopher Morley (Copy of Text will be provided), and create a thesis statement for a close analysis.

Friday: Film Friday, SOAPStone Movie Trailers, Ethos/Pathos/Logos

Week 3, 21-25:

Monday: What is Rhetoric? Start Chapter 1 (In Class Reading), SOAPStone Method

Homework: Practice SOAPStone Analysis with 9/11 Speech (pg. 6)

Tuesday: Library Trip, Turn in Summer Reading books/Get Outside Reading

Review Homework

Wednesday: Ethos, Pathos, Logos Read in class

Homework: Finish reading to page 21 (Stop at Rhetorical Analysis of Visual Text)

Thursday: Read the rest of Chapter 1

Homework: Due Monday, Find a visual to have the class analyze using SOAPStone/Ethos, Pathos, Logos

Friday: Film Friday, Stephan Colbert, SOAPStone Analysis


Week 2 September 14-18:

Monday: Summer Reading Presentations, Rubric

Tuesday: Summer Reading Presentations, Rubric

Wednesday: Summer Reading Presentations, Rubric

Thursday: Summer Reading Presentations, Rubric

Friday: In-Class Timed Write, Prompt on Nickel and Dimed (or other prompt depending on last year status)

Up Ahead: Next week we will be diving into our textbook The Language of Composition, with Chapter 1: An Introduction to Rhetoric


Week 1:

Wednesday: Quick Quiz and Syllabus

Thursay: Summer Reading Expectations and Guidelines

Friday: Start Summer Reading Presentations, Rubric

Up Ahead: Next week we will continue presentations and have a written assessment on Summer Reading, Nickel and Dimed

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