English 9



Monday: Intro to Mythology Project, add activities to our Interactive Notebooks, fill out KWL chart on page 17

Tuesday: Sign up for research topic, and start researching, Interactive Notebook page 18, 19

  • 5th  Period Reading Day- Fill out Run Chart

Wednesday: Vocab Quiz, Research Topic/Work on Presentation

  • 6th Period Reading Day-Fill out Run Chart

Thursday: Graph Vocab Results, Research Topic/Work on Presentation

Friday: Research Topic/Work on Presentation

  • Honors Reading Day-Fill out Run Chart
  • 4th Period Reading Day-Fill out Run Chart

Up Ahead: Honors will start presenting their god/goddess on Monday along with their visual aide/barbie doll. 4-6th Periods will start presenting on Tuesday. This mythology unit leads us into The Odyssey.


Week 4:

Monday: Best of Me Essay, due at the EOP

Tuesday: (I will have a sub) Activity on Literature Elements, Study Vocab Words

Wednesday: Vocab Quiz, Literature Elements Activity in Interactive Notebook

Thursday: Graph Vocab Results, Go over Outside Reading and Run Chart

Friday: Outside Reading Day, and graph reading

Week 3:

Monday: Participate in an Academic Vocabulary  Inventory, and set up our Interactive Notebooks

Tuesday: Attend Library Orientation and finish setting up our Interactive Notebooks

Wednesday: Finish Interactive Notebooks, and Start The Best of Me Essay

Thursday: Work on Essay

Friday: Work on Essay

Week 2:

Monday:Presentations on Story Quilts, storyquilteval

Tuesday: Call of the Wild discussion and possible Jeopardy style Review

Wednesday: Learn about the Expository Scoring Guide we will use at CRHS

Thursday: Choose prompt and prewrite

Friday: In-Class Writing Assessment on Call of the Wild

Up Ahead: Library Orientation, and Best of Me Writing Assessment (done in class, used as a goal setting assessment)


Week 1:

Tuesday: 15 minute Meet & Greet

Wednesday: Classroom activity- What kind of Teacher do you want?, Syllabus Day: English 9 , Pre AP English 

Thursday: Summer Reading Expectations, Rubric and Choose order of presenting

Friday: Start Presentations on Story Quilts

Up Ahead: Next week we will continue presentations and we will have a written assessment on Call of the Wild


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